Our Vision

Little Oaks:  For children.  For the future.

Children learn best through play, and Little Oaks has the right environment and the right team to create active, fun and challenging play experiences that encourage each individual child’s best development.

We want the best for your child – and this means ensuring that our highly valued team are always learning and developing too.  We invest in staff training to ensure our team have the tools to do their jobs well.  Our experienced staff know that children’s early years shape the foundation for their future possibilities.  Each child in Little Oaks has a key person who ensures the unique needs of that child are met, next steps anticipated and stimulating learning experiences provided.

Little Oaks’ team is highly qualified – 40% are educated to Master’s degree level or above, and our management team have over 25 years’ combined experience in early years education. The team is also highly inspired – we are pioneering the use of the Golden Education Template (GET) philosophy of education in the UK.  The GET combines a rich, values-based approach to early development, with the national Early Years Foundation Stage framework, resulting in a holistic and practical education experience.

We strongly value parents’ involvement in Little Oaks, both in their own child’s progress and within the wider setting.  We invite parents to speak with the team about ways to participate in the life of Little Oaks – maybe a visit to tell the children about the work you do, or the country where you were born.  You could also run a short session – arts and craft, theatre, language, stories, songs, dance, yoga, cooking – there are many ways to contribute.

By working as a team: children, parents and staff, we are able to bring about the best possibilities for children, for the future.